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Plot 7, 9-11 Kikukuule Road, Kasusu. Fort Portal



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How To Get Here

Discover the serenity of ATACO Country Resort, just 5km from Fort Portal town en route to Kasese town.

Follow the path southwest along Kasese Road, relishing 5km of picturesque landscapes.

Look to your left for the signpost indicating “ATACO Country Resort.” Take this turn, leading you off the main road onto a smaller path.

Journey an additional 200m along this charming route, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Behold, you’ve arrived at ATACO Country Resort, a peaceful oasis outside Fort Portal, where relaxation awaits amidst stunning natural vistas.

You can charter a flight from any aerodome airstrip to Kasese where you will then have to travel by road toward Fort Portal for about 1hr to get to ATACO Country Resort.

Travelling by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, will take you about 4 hrs drive to get to ATACO Country Resort with an average speed of 100Km/h

Just Relax, We'll Take Care Of The Rest…